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‘Gran Turismo Sport’ will finally launch on October 17th

More details about the game will be revealed between now and its release.

The long awaited Gran Turismo Sport finally has a launch date -- October 17th for North America and the 18th for Europe. Originally slated for launch in November of last year, the game's release was delayed last August so as not to sacrifice quality for a quicker release date. But Polyphony, the game's creator, just completed the closed beta phase it started in March and is now in the final stages of polishing the game.

Along with the launch date, Polyphony president Kazunori Yamauchi also announced that more information about the game will be unveiled in between now and its release, including creative tools and all of the cars and tracks that will be available. "We've strived to create something that delivers an unprecedented experience in terms of the graphics, sound, and physics simulation; an experience that can only be enjoyed on PlayStation," said Yamauchi in a blog post.

There will also be a few other editions of Gran Turismo Sport in addition to the standard package. The Limited Edition and Digital Deluxe Edition will include additional avatars, in-game credit and other perks. They're priced at $70 and $80, respectively.

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