'Gran Turismo Sport' is a blast even if you're terrible at it

It's a perfect way to showcase 4K 60fps games.

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I've never been into Gran Turismo (or racing games in general), but when my colleague Timothy J. Seppala asked if I wanted to play the franchise's next title, GT Sport, I didn't think twice about saying yes. Especially after seeing how gorgeous the latest trailer looks. And I'm glad I checked it out, even if I did end up in second-to-last place in the two races I played. The graphics in Gran Turismo Sport are as gorgeous as they look on screenshots; it's seriously hard to differentiate cars in the game from real ones. Put simply, it's a perfect way to showcase gameplay at 4K 60fps (don't forget about HDR either), and even more fun if you're experiencing it the way I did: in a vibrating "sled" with a racing seat, steering wheels and pedals.

It didn't take long for me to figure out how to properly handle the car I was driving (aka not crash into walls), but that's probably because I had the brake and steer assist on. Still, even with that helpful setting on, I only managed to grab the seventh spot in the eight-player race I played against other members of the media, including IGN, Game Informer and Polygon, to name a few. Thankfully for me, my co-worker was even worse than I was, so I managed to salvage my brief Gran Turismo career. Unfortunately, we both let Engadget down, and I won't ever forgive myself for that -- I'll stick to FIFA from now on.

Gran Turismo Sport is set to arrive this fall for PlayStation 4, and you can bet I plan to make a fool of myself again when that happens.

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