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Somebody turned Snapchat’s dancing hot dog into a mobile game

And it’s kinda hard.

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Anonymous Inc

Okay, it's not like anybody was clamoring for more of that absurd dancing hot dog Snapchat added to its filter options. But this is the internet -- don't ask, and ye shall receive anyway. Somebody took it upon themselves to cash in on the hype and make a simple platform-hopping app game featuring the boogie weenie. And it's actually kind of hard.

As a bootleg production cribbing Snapchat's monstrous creation, the game is unpolished and likely pulling some degree of IP theft, so who knows how long it'll stay up on the app store. It's also chock full of obnoxious ads that salt your wounds by regularly popping up after you die. Which is frequently. As we said, the game -- in full Flappy Bird style -- is punishingly hard. If that kind of masochistic play is up your alley, download it now for iOS or Android.

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