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The Morning After: Tuesday, August 1st 2017

Start of the summer.

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EXO, YouTube

Good Tuesday morning to you. Hackers have accessed details of forthcoming episodes of Game of Thrones, and we've got an early leaky look at the Galaxy Note 8. Talking of hacks and leaks, our Defcon reportage also includes a closer look at the incredible (and unofficial) badges at the hacker conference.

'A lack of willpower, not a lack of tools.'
Technology is failing to create transparent supply chains

Do you know where the materials for your cellphone, computer or TV come from? Despite years of campaigns to improve worker conditions and environmental impact, probably not. There have been efforts using RFID and satellite imagery to collect data, but as activists explain, real change will have to come from the companies involved, not just applying more technology.

Spoiler warning.
Hackers leak HBO episodes, 'Game of Thrones' info online

Someone leaked Netflix's Orange is the New Black earlier this year, and now Entertainment Weekly reports hackers are doing the same for some HBO shows. Information leaked includes episodes of Room 104 and Ballers, and allegedly text related to an upcoming Game of Thrones episode.

Back to School 2017.The best VR headsets and accessories for dorms

Need a quick escape from school or your dorm? In between bouts of socializing and study, maybe you should schedule a VR escape or two. Here's some advice on the best hardware and accessories.

In 'Midnight Black.'Take an early look at the Galaxy Note 8

Evleaks tweeted a picture of Samsung's Galaxy Note 8, and surprise, surprise, it looks a lot like the Galaxy S 8 -- just bigger.

Military-grade VR hardware.

HP's Z VR backpack helps creatives, new soldiers and everyone in between

This wearable computer has tight integration with the HTC Vive Business Edition, but HP says that you're not obligated to use it -- it'll work just fine with an Oculus Rift or whatever else your company prefers. The pro parts do hike the price, though, as you'll be spending at least $3,299 on the Z VR Backpack when it arrives in September.

His 'Deestroying' channel has over 90,000 subscribers.
College football player loses scholarship over his YouTube channel

The NCAA decided that UCF kicker Donald De La Haye couldn't monetize his YouTube channel (with its 90,000+ subscribers) and maintain his athletic scholarship, so now he's off the team.

It's all about the #badgelife.
The exquisite art and subculture of Def Con's (unofficial) badges

Shame the official one wasn't so hot this year.

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