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PayPal made digital money cards to send to your friends

They'll be available throughout August.

Remember those birthday and Christmas cards you used to get from family as a kid? They were no Game Boys or PlayStations, but they were still pretty sweet because there was almost always a few bucks tucked inside. Now, PayPal has launched a virtual counterpart to the "money card" meant to be sent to friends along with, say, your share of the dinner bill or something to help them during a difficult time.

PayPal has created "friendship cards" to celebrate Friendship day on August 6th, but the feature will be available all month through the P2P payment's app. PayPal says 84 percent of Americans have paid or sent money to a family member or a friend to the tune of around $4,200 a year. A third of that total usually goes through payment apps. Further, 40 percent of Americans have sent money to loved ones for no reason other than to cheer them up or to say thank you.

PayPal created these cards for those situations. You don't exactly need to use them to send money, but if you decide to, just go to Send & Request. Once there, choose the card design you like, whether it's a snarky one for your snarkiest friend or a sincere one for a person who needs to be reminded they're special.

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