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Microsoft unveils 'Minecraft' edition Xbox One S

It looks like it could have been made in the game.
Jon Fingas, @jonfingas
08.20.17 in AV

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How devoted are you to Minecraft? Devoted enough that you want your console to be a living, breathing representation of the construction game? If so, you're in luck. Microsoft has unveiled a limited edition Minecraft Xbox One S that drapes the entire console in Mojang's blocky art style. There's a grass block on the front, a transparent, redstone-laced bottom and a Creeper-themed green controller (there's an optional pink, pig-themed gamepad). Naturally, it'll include a copy of Minecraft (with the Better Together update).

The system arrives on October 3rd. Microsoft hasn't detailed pricing or regional availability as we write this, but it'll ship with a 1TB hard drive. We wouldn't expect it to carry a significant premium over a plain Xbox One S with a bundled game, but don't be surprised if this becomes the system to get among Minecraft players... well, those who don't want to play in 4K, at least.

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