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Alexa’s mood-matching music suggestions come to the UK

"Alexa, play baby making jazz music."
Matt Brian, @m4tt
08.23.17 in AV
T3 Magazine

For Amazon Echo owners in the UK, the arrival of Music Unlimited provided the likes of Apple and Spotify with some music needed competition. The company immediately made it the default music service on the smart speaker, allowing users to instantly queue music using their voice once they'd signed up. Understandably, Amazon is keen to differentiate its service from its more popular rivals, so it's banking on Alexa "activities," which have today arrived in the UK.

Activities are basically Amazon-built voice controls that make it easier to find music for a specific event or setting. Users have apparently requested ways to find a perfect meditation playlist, or music that matches the theme of a party or a workout and the company is only too keen to oblige. Examples include "Alexa, play jazz for dinner," "Alexa, play pop for cooking," or our favourite "Alexa, play baby making jazz music."

Amazon says Alexa supports "over 500 activity utterances," the most popular of which are related to sleep or relaxation, partying, meditation and working out. The company will continue to add more over time, giving its Music Unlimited platform a slight edge over the competition (at least on the Echo and other smart Alexa devices).

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