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‘Secret of Mana’ returning as a 3D remaster on PlayStation and PC

Hack and slash with upgraded visuals.

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Secret of Mana

Next month, a horde of nostalgic Nintendo heads will get the chance to relive the Secret of Mana on the SNES Classic Edition. But, if you're a gamer with modern sensibilities, then its 16-bit world may not suffice. Fortunately for you, developer Square Enix is giving the iconic title the 3D treatment. An upgraded version of the JRPG is heading to the PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and Steam next year.

Like the original, the revamped Secret of Mana will put you in control of Randi as he battles to reclaim the power of Mana from a villainous empire. Joining him in his quest are his two buddies, Primm and Popoi. Additional updates to the game include a new musical score and voice overs, and upgraded gameplay.

First arriving on the SNES in 1993, the Secret of Mana was the second instalment in the Mana series, which kicked off with the spinoff Final Fantasy Adventure. The franchise has since spawned numerous sequels, remakes, and ports. In 2014, it made the jump to mobile in the form of free-to-play action RPG Circle of Mana. Most recently, a 3D remake of Final Fantasy Adventure (dubbed the Adventures of Mana) arrived on iOS, Android, and PlayStation Vita in 2016.

The new-look Secret of Mana hits PS4, PS Vita, and Steam on 15 February 2018.

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