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Mercedes-Benz is giving all its customers a year of Tidal HiFi

You have to be a member of the auto company's Me service, though.
Rob LeFebvre, @roblef
09.05.17 in AV

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Jeremy Alan Glover

Tidal has had a rough few months, what with Kanye leaving in a huff, having to find a third CEO in two years and exclusives like Jay-Z's 4:44 being held back from new subscribers. The streaming service continues to stay relevant, though, perhaps through corporate partnerships like the one with Sprint, which can net you six months of free Tidal HiFi service (usually $20 per month). Now Mercedes-Benz has its own Tidal promotion. Beginning in 2018, if you're a member of Mercedes' Me in-car automation and entertainment service, you will get 12 months of Tidal HiFi for free, which will revert to a regular paid account after your year is up.

"Thanks to the cooperation with TIDAL, we are enhancing the Mercedes me lifestyle range with a unique entertainment experience. Our customers can stream music and videos at home or on the go virtually unlimited. We also offer exclusive opportunities to contact artists or experience them live," said Mercedes-Benz's Dr. Jens Thiemer in a statement.

The two companies will also host an exclusive concert on September 15th at the Me Convention in Frankfurt, Germany. While the headlining artists are still unknown, Me attendees can sign up for a ticket now via the official convention app. More tickets will be given away by Tidal and Mercedes-Benz via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter soon.

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