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The first 'Destiny 2' expansion will reintroduce players to Osiris

This time it'll include campaign missions in addition to multiplayer.

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If you've already finished Destiny 2's campaign and are grinding through the endgame, here's some news you might be interested in. The first expansion for developer Bungie's shared-world shooter is dubbed "Curse of Osiris," named for the infamous multiplayer mode from its prequel. This time 'round, it's a campaign expansion according to Polygon, and it takes place on Mercury where you'll "journey through time and space" to learn Osiris' (a legendary warlock) secrets and reunite him with Ikora Rey -- the warlock vanguard who gives you class-specific gear.

It'll also contain new maps for the adversarial Crucible mode and new adventures (ambient challenges and activities) in addition to shiny loot. The add-on pack might release this December and Bungie promises further details later today.

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