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'Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime' lands on Nintendo Switch

It'll hit the e-shop on October 3rd.

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Asteroid Base

Nintendo Switch has made couch co-op gaming more fun by giving you a way to play with friends outside the house. That's why Lovers in A Dangerous Spacetime, which will be available for the Switch on October 3rd, seems like a perfect fit for the hybrid. We once described the neon-colored couch co-op as a "deeply cooperative game," because you need to communicate with your partner(s) on how to maneuver your spaceship to kill hostile robots. Now that it's on the Switch, you can take it anywhere with you, hand out some Joy-Cons and play with friends, officemates, even random strangers.

Asteroid Base co-founder Jamie Tucker said they wanted to bring the game to the platform from the very start. "Lovers is a perfect fit for Nintendo Switch and the game's chaotic co-op experience and vibrant art make for a compelling experience for the whole family," he said. The developer will release the game digitally via the Nintendo e-shop, where you'll be able to buy it for $15.

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