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Lenovo’s leaked 25th-anniversary ThinkPad sports a familiar look

Sport that vintage 1992 look.

The latest ThinkPad that Lenovo brought to CES back in January had a notably sleeker, more modern appearance than the line's traditional boxy black look. But it kept a couple features, like the red TrackPoint nub and 45-degree ThinkPad logo, that have become trademarks of the beloved brand since it debuted under IBM back in October 1992. But WinFuture reports that a leak revealed Lenovo is releasing a 25th-anniversary retro version that mimics the look of the first ThinkPad laptops that reached consumers.

According to the leak, the allegedly-named ThinkPad 25 has visual touches from its ancestor (like a multicolored logo and blue 'Enter' key) but will otherwise be based on the ThinkPad 470 series. Its tech specs are pretty standard for midline laptops: A 14-inch IPS display, Intel Core i7 processor, 16GB of RAM, 512GB of SSD storage and a NVIDIA GTE 940MX GPU. It has all your modern ports, too: A Thunderbolt-rated USB-C, three standard USB, an SD slot, HDMI and even an Ethernet port. Rounding out its modern tech is a fingerprint scanner and infrared webcam for facial recognition.

As The Verge points out, this anniversary edition looks a lot like the retro-classic ThinkPad concept that Lenovo VP of design David Hill mentioned a couple years ago. Given that the initial consumer-facing ThinkPads were introduced 25 years ago next month, this model might be announced in October, assuming the info is accurate.

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