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The latest ‘Super Mario Run’ update is available for download

It brings new courses, a new world and a new playable character.

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Super Mario Run

The update to Super Mario Run has arrived. We heard about the new features planned for the game last week, a main one being the introduction of Remix 10 -- super quick courses that include Bonus Games and one Super Bonus Game that can get you some new buildings for Kingdom Builder mode. Super Mario Run will also now include Daisy as a playable character who has the ability to jump while she's already in midair.

Some additional features include the new World Star that brings courses like a forest and an airship armada, and you'll also be able to listen to your own tunes while you play. Mario and the gang will sport headphones when you do. And finally, your Toad Rally opponents will now have Toad populations that are more inline with your own.

The update is available now and new players can snag the game for half of the regular price between now and October 12th.

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