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Snapchat just made tagging places a lot more useful

Context Cards link geo-filters to restaurant reviews and ride-sharing apps.

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More and more places are getting their own Snapchat location filters, but what good are they? Well, now they link to further information about where your pals are sending evaporating updates from. The ephemeral photo app is calling them Context Cards. The video filled with very attractive twentysomethings below shows restaurant reviews from TripAdvisor, destination info for driving your own car or taking Lyft or Uber and will add your location to a map, Foursquare style. It looks like you can even make hotel reservations without leaving Snapchat, too -- all based on the location filter you pick.

Additionally, you can link with OpenTable to book a restaurant reservation, and there will be more location-based stories and snaps listed as well. While the app started out as a way for sending risky photos, Context Cards are the latest step into turning Snapchat into a full-blown social network. It's only a matter of time before Instagram tries something similar.

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