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Lyft drivers won't have to switch apps to use Google Maps

Expect your trips to start sooner.

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If you've taken enough Lyft rides, you've probably noticed that drivers have to switch to a navigation app before they start driving. It'd be nice if they could just get going, wouldn't it? They will now: Lyft has added built-in Google Maps navigation to its driver app. Once you've buckled up, your drivers can take you to your destination with the same app they used to pick you up. Google Maps is only available in the Android version of the app right now, but it's "coming soon" for iPhone-toting drivers.

Yes, the odds are that this will only save you and your driver seconds on any given trip. However, this is really part of a broader effort to save as much time as possible for both drivers and passengers. Lyft is clearly betting that all those seconds and minutes will not only please drivers looking to maximize their income, but passengers who'll be more likely to take Lyft when they're in a hurry.

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