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Airbnb's Select vetted homes may arrive next year

The company eventually hopes to offer hundreds of thousands of Select listings.

Back in June, reports came out that Airbnb has conjured up a project called "Select" that will offer vetted homes and rooms to the more discerning customers. According to a new report by The Information, Airbnb is planning a limited launch of that initiative sometime in 2018. It's unclear how many Select listings will be available during the limited launch, but the company is reportedly aiming to offer hundreds of thousands of Select homes in the future.

To help home owners ensure their properties pass muster, the Select program will apparently give them the option to ask Airbnb for funds in advance. The company expects them to use the cash to fund the home improvements they need to make, such as remodeling their bathrooms or repainting their houses. Airbnb still seems to be working out the details, though, because according to hosts the publication talked to, the company couldn't give them exact info on how the program will benefit them. In addition, dealing with inspectors and photographers in their homes has been eating up a lot of their time. One of them also voiced out being worried that the program will raise customers' expectations, leading them to leave mediocre reviews for homes they would've given five stars otherwise.

Select is an entirely different entity from Airbnb's initiative that focuses on luxury homes. When the news of the program first went around, a source told Engadget that the home rental company came up with the idea to better serve older guests who want more space and to stay in unique neighborhoods. Select will put a sharper focus on quality in order to cater to those customers.

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