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Facebook's discovery-minded Explore Feed comes to your desktop

Find stories you wouldn't otherwise read.
Jon Fingas/Engadget

For a while, Facebook has offered an Explore Feed on mobile devices to help you discover stories beyond the friends and pages you already follow. Now, it's ready to bring that experience to your PC: Facebook has confirmed that it's officially rolling out Explore, including on the desktop. Visit the "see more" section and you'll find an Explore Feed option that shows posts Facebook thinks you might like based on both your own tastes and what's popular. If your usual News Feed seems overly familiar, you can break loose and try something new.

The feed is meant to keep you looking at Facebook for longer, of course. However, this could also go some way toward popping social bubbles. Much of what you'll see in Explore isn't that different than what you're used to, but it could get you out of a rut where you're seeing the same sources (and thus same ideas) over and over again. With that said, it's not clear how many people will use it when it's buried -- ideally, it'd have a prominent position.

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