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Bloomberg: Verizon's new NFL streaming deal will stretch to TV

But it means that others like DirecTV Now and Sling TV can stream to phones.
Richard Lawler, @Rjcc
11.18.17 in AV

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Neilson Barnard via Getty Images

Since 2010, Verizon's wireless arm has had an arrangement for streaming NFL games to phones (and, after they became a thing, also tablets), but Bloomberg reports it will stretch to TVs soon. According to unnamed sources, both parties are close to a new deal that will not only include all sizes of screens but also drop the company's exclusivity. That's key even for people who don't have Verizon because until now, it has kept internet TV services like DirecTV Now and Sling TV from streaming NFL games to mobile devices. On Verizon's end, expanding and adding content from sources like the NBA and NFL is expected to "prime the pump" according to Bloomberg, for the whole Oath media unit (which Engadget is a part of.)

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