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CBS TV channels are back on Dish

The feud is over, for now.

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Following an intentional three-day blackout, CBS channels are available once again for Dish customers, as the two companies have reached an agreement in a financial dispute.

CBS and Dish have been feuding for months: CBS wanted Dish to pay higher fees to retransmit its content, and the carrier refused, arguing CBS was attempting to "tax" its customers amid declining viewership. On November 21st, CBS pulled 28 of its channels from 18 major markets serviced by Dish. Today, those channels are being restored and the companies have signed a multi-year carriage agreement, the terms of which have not been disclosed.

"We are grateful to our customers for their patience this holiday week as months of work has resulted in a deal that delivers CBS for years to come," Dish EVP of marketing, programming and media sales Warren Schlichting said in a press release.

The restoration is good news for the Dish audience, though it may come a day late for some football fans. On Thursday -- Thanksgiving Day in the US -- CBS hosted notable NFL and college football games, though Dish viewers in the blackout markets couldn't access them as usual. Dish offered these customers free digital over-the-air antennas, providing access to local TV broadcasts, including CBS.

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