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Best Buy will have Nintendo's SNES Classic in stores Saturday

You'll have to act quick because quantities are limited.

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If you still don't own an SNES Classic Edition, you'll have a chance to get one tomorrow, November 25th. Best Buy has announced that it will sell Nintendo's mini, retro console in stores across the US starting at 9AM local time. Not surprisingly, you'll have to be at the door early since stock will be limited. There's going to be a cap of one per customer, and Best Buy said in a blog post that it's going to offer a first-come, first-served ticketing system for customers waiting in line.

Those of you who miss out on Saturday can hit up a Toys 'R' Us store on November 27th, when the company plans to have an SNES Classic Edition restock of its own. Good luck, otherwise you can always buy it from a scalper on eBay for a lot more than its retail price.

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