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Marriott wants guests to save and share their shower door doodles

A pilot program in the chain's Irvine hotel could roll out to more locations.
Marriott Hotels

Who doesn't get their best ideas in the middle of a shower? The Marriott hotel chain is piloting a new addition to customer rooms that lets them jot down notes on their shower door -- which can be digitally recorded and sent to guests later.

Guests at the Marriott in Irvine, California can stay in a 'Splash of Brilliance' room equipped with the device. It's not terribly fancy: Like any glass door, it gets foggy during a hot shower and becomes a makeshift canvas to doodle on. Guests can save whatever they sketch out to a file in a paired tablet, whether it's casual notes or serious architectural plans.

To its credit, this lo-fi solution is likely a lot cheaper and simpler than sticking a waterproof tablet setup in every shower. The pilot program will last for the next two months, and may be rolled out further depending on feedback.

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