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Microsoft's Whiteboard Preview app is all about collaboration

It will soon be available for Windows 10 users.

In the quest to release better collaboration tools, Microsoft released its Whiteboard Preview app in a private beta. The software lets teams mark up multiple boards with cute skeumorphic details to ease users into working on a shared digital canvas. Now Microsoft is publicly rolling it out for all Windows 10 users to download, which will soon go live on the Windows Store.

As one would expect, the app lets users draw, erase, edit and otherwise mark up boards, essentially simulating the group meeting-with-a-white-board experience for distant coworkers. Any work is automatically saved and users can see their peers making their additions, ideally preventing coworkers from writing over each other.

Anyone with a Windows 10 device can use Whiteboard Preview for free, but multiple collaborating users will need at least one person with an Office 365 subscription. This app will eventually replace the existing whiteboard app running on SurfaceHub, but for now, they'll run in tandem. The Windows 10 Whiteboard Preview is out for English users with plans to expand it to more languages in the coming months.

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