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'Dreams,' the new game from 'LittleBigPlanet' devs, lands in 2018

Finally, a release date.
Media Molecule

We've been wondering about Dreams for a while now. First announced in 2015 as a trippy, user-controlled kind of world-creating game, Dreams is the new title from LittleBigPlanet studio Media Molecule and it's due to hit PlayStation 4 in 2018. The release date is new -- Media Molecule has been remarkably silent about Dreams over the past few years, but the studio revealed its launch window tonight during The Game Awards.

Despite the secrecy, there are a few details about Dreams out in the wild. Much of the game revolves around players creating their own unique worlds and scenarios, but it'll definitely have a traditional campaign as well.

"We want people to be able to access all the tools without them feeling like they're editing," Art Director Kareem Ettouney told Engadget in 2015. "It should feel like spells, like magic."

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