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Samsung and NYX want to sell you makeup with VR tutorials

Get makeup tips from Kristen Leanne, Mykie and Karen Sarahi Gonzales.
Rob LeFebvre, @roblef
12.11.17 in AV

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Fabian Bimmer / Reuters

It's not just video games -- virtual reality has lots of potential to change the way we experience information. You can experience what its like to walk in space with the BBC's ISS app for Oculus, watch every NBA game this season with your VR headset or lean back and experience the globe without ever leaving your house via Discovery channel's VR travel series. The trendy new tech is unavoidable, like in a new advertising campaign featuring NYX makeup and Samsung Gear VR.

Called the "Impossibly NYX Professional Makeup" experience, you'll be able to watch three makeup tutorials from top beauty video bloggers Kristen Leanne, Mykie, and Karen Sarahi Gonzalez. You'll also be able to use the Gear VR controllers to select different NYX products to learn more about, and you'll be able to to buy the products that are featured in the tutorials at a reduced price. You'll be able to try it out yourself starting December 18th in "select" NYX Professional Makeup stores, with a national rollout to the rest of its 42 retail stores during 2018.

This isn't the first foray into merging technology with makeup, of course. Sephora has its own way of selling makeup via AR tech, yet another trend in the space. While it's hard to say whether a makeup tutorial in VR is any better than one on a flat screen, we'll likely see more of this type of immersive branded advertising in the near future.

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