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Alexa's latest trick is helping you find Twitch streams

Watch your favorite channels and find new ones without lifting a finger.
Nicole Lee / Engadget

Sure, it's great that Amazon keeps adding more to Alexa, like the option to wake up with music instead of a shrill alarm or a enabling live BBC programming. But what about newer media platforms? Now Twitch users can bark orders at Alexa to keep up with their favorite channels and search for new content.

It's not a huge surprise -- Amazon owns Twitch -- but it's nice to see audio controls for new media platforms. The skill only enables players to play their channels, get notified when they go live and browse for new ones, which means you can't use Alexa to stream hands-free...yet. But at least gadget companies are adding functionality for game fans, kind of like SteelSeries' keyboard that can be keyed to light up when receiving chat messages. The future is coming, streaming fans.

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