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Apple iMac Pro goes on sale December 14th

Its first pro desktop in years is almost here.

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Chris Velazco/Engadget

Apple vowed to ship the iMac Pro in December, and it's making good on that promise. The company has confirmed that its workstation-grade all-in-one will be available on December 14th. It has yet to reveal the exact configuration options, but the $4,999 'starter' model ships with an 8-core Xeon processor, 32GB of RAM, 1TB of solid-state storage and a Radeon Vega Pro graphics chipset with 8GB of RAM. You can option it with up to an 18-core Xeon, 128GB of RAM, a 4TB SSD and a 16GB Vega chipset, although video creator Marques Brownlee notes that you'll have to wait until the new year for that 18-core beast.

This isn't going to completely satisfy creatives waiting for the redesigned Mac Pro, which promises to restore at least some of the modularity that went away with the glossy black cylinder. The iMac Pro is, in many ways, a stopgap machine meant to provide something new to media editors who want a Mac in their workflow. It's still likely to blow away the 2013 Mac Pro in terms of performance, however, and it's one of the few pro all-in-ones you can buy -- it might hit the sweet spot for studios that need a powerful desktop they can easily carry to the set.

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