Netflix's take on 'The End of the F**king World' debuts January 5th

Charles Forsman's tale of messed-up teens has reached your TV.

Netflix has been diving head-first into graphic novel adaptations as of late, and its next premiere might just be a sterling example of that. The streaming service has announced that its adaptation of Charles Forsman's graphic novel The End of the F**king World will premiere on January 5th. As the bleeped out title suggests, this isn't exactly a family-friendly coming of age story. Self-admitted teen psychopath James joins salty rebel Alyssa on a road trip to find a new life, at first looking for opportunities to kill her and eventually realizing that he's starting to develop feelings. Suffice it to say that their clashing-yet-oddly-matching personalities lead them to strange places.

As with a few other Netflix productions, this is a streaming/TV partnership rather than an internet-only exclusive. The show was produced in tandem with E4 and premiered on the UK's Channel 4 back in October. In that sense, this is more about distribution than anything. However, that's part of the appeal: Netflix can offer a wider audience for riskier shows that might not get a fair shake outside of their home country.