Samsung SmartSuits help speed skaters train for the Winter Olympics

The sensor-packed outfits relay data back to their coach.

Samsung has never been quiet about promoting its partnerships with the Olympics (which extends to the 2018 Winter Games in South Korea), but now it's trying out new gadgets in the sports world. The company's Netherlands branch is sponsoring two Dutch short track racers and equipping them with SmartSuits -- a new sensor-packed outfit intended to augment their training.

Each SmartSuit has five sensors that feed live body position metrics down to the millimeter back to the national coach's Galaxy S8 smartphone. There, a custom app ingests the data and calculates each racer's body position as they make turns on the ice. The coach can use the app to send a vibrating buzz to the suit's wrist -- say, as a prearranged signal to adjust position.

These are training-only suits, so you won't see the Dutch skaters don them in PyeongChang when the Winter Games start on February 9th, 2018. They're tailor-made for each athlete, so don't expect them to show up in retail anytime soon -- though tracking your own metrics to improve your own fitness would be a lot more useful than the NFC-packed 'Smart Suit' concepts that Samsung was promoting at CES last year.