Everyone will soon have to use the Google Calendar redesign

You could opt out, but that's changing.

If you've been avoiding the visual refresh Google recently gave to the web version of Calendar, your time is almost at an end. Starting January 8th, users of G Suite and Google Domains will be automatically switched to the new design. Anyone who opted out manually won't be forced to use the new Calendar until February 5th, but all users will get the upgrade on February 28th.

The new Google Calendar on the web looks much more like the mobile version, now, with a matching color palette and a self-adjusting interface based on your browser's window size. There's a new drop-down menu that lets you switch views between day, week, month, year, schedule and four days, too. You can put rich text and hyperlinks in calendar entries, and format text and create bulleted lists as well. Enterprise users will see more details on conference rooms if administrators have added the information.