Aveine takes the wait out of aerating wine

The $200 gadget can adjust aeration up to 24 hours, but allows you to pour a glass instantly.

Aerating wine can dramatically improve the taste by just letting it sit in a glass or decanter for a while. However, sometimes you don't really want to wait an hour (or several hours) to have that first sip, so Aveine developed a gadget that eliminates the wait time. With its $200 connected device of the same name, the company says it can offer up to 24 hours of aeration as you pour the wine. No more waiting until the perfect amount of time has elapsed to have a glass.

The gadget attaches to a wine bottle and features a touch panel on the front for adjusting the aeration level and displaying the wine's temperature. There's a companion app that allows you to scan the label of your bottle so the software can provide a suggested aeration time. The company says that if the app's database doesn't recognize what you've scanned, you can manually add it. Based on a few questions, it will still give a suggestion for aeration, even for those bottle you have to add yourself. And yes, if you already know you like that 2009 Pinot Noir aerated for four hours, you can skip all the app stuff and manually adjust the time period.

If you're ready to commit, Aveine will be up for pre-order in March and is expected to ship in June.

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