The Enhancia ring turns your gestures into musical effects

A MIDI controller on your index finger.

Updated ·1 min read

Enhancia consists of a rubber ring that you wear while playing the keyboard, connected to a larger hub. Its purpose is to augment whatever tune you're playing with effects that are common in modern music -- often added later in the production stage -- with natural gestures and in real time. "We wanted to create the shortest path between musical intention and musical creation" said Damien Le Boulaire, CEO and one of Enhancia's four co-founders from Grenoble, France.

The "connected ring" essentially functions as a responsive MIDI controller that can function with or without a laptop. Tilting your hand up and down modulates the volume while rolling it from side to side creates pitch bend or vibrato effects. Combining gestures means the effects combine, too. The team says they'll add more gestures in the future -- which are received through nine sensors -- while any number of musical effects can be programmed by a user.

Presently, the ring is connected to the hub by a tether, but the team says it will be wireless by the time Enhancia's Kickstarter launches in March 2018. While a spokesman would not confirm exact pricing, he anticipates it will cost between €200 and €300 ($240 to $360), with shipments expected to begin by the end of the year.

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