Skully plans to ship its Fenix AR motorcycle helmet by summer

No, for real this time.

It's been a rollercoaster year for Skully. After failing to deliver on its IndieGoGo crowdfunding promises, the company appeared all but dead in August 2016 when LeEco passed on acquiring the firm. However, Skully has since found new owners, resumed development of its AI-guided, AR-enabled Fenix motorcycle helmet and announced plans to begin shipping by this summer.

Skully showed off the latest prototype of its helmet at CES Unveiled on Sunday night. It boasts a rear-facing camera, a visor with heads-up display, and smartphone integration, which enable GPS navigation and spoken turn-by-turn directions.

The Fenix AR has long been promised but also has repeatedly met with production delays and missed shipping deadlines. However, the company's new owners appear confident that the helmet will ship this summer. To make up for the IndieGoGo debacle, Skully has launched its "Make It Right" campaign, which promises one Fenix to anybody who ordered one through the crowdfunding site.

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