A smart insole pairs with an app to track how tired you are

It can also analyze your posture and alert someone if you slip on the job.

Two years ago, at CES 2016, we found a pair of smart shoes that could be "laced" by simply tapping a virtual button on a smartphone app. Now, the company behind those sneakers, Zhor Tech, has brought its latest creation to CES 2018: a connected shoe insole. The device is loaded with sensors that count your steps, detect your fatigue levels, analyze your posture and detect any rough vibrations around you. Zhor Tech says that its Safety insole was designed specifically for people who work in construction and other field jobs.

If someone slips, for instance, the insole can detect that and alert a manager or supervisor. Of course, the whole system comes together in an app, where users can view detailed, real-time information and share it with other people. The same technology can be built into a shoe's midsole, according to Zhor Tech, but right now there are only plans to sell the insole to companies that make safety-conscious footwear. We're told it will ship in September for $149.

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