You can use your smartphone to 'lace up' this sneaker

The company is also working on women's pumps and low-top shoes for men.

These may not be Nike's highly acclaimed Back to the Future kicks, but their power-lacing system is going to leave you impressed. Meet the Digital Sole, a pair of sneakers created by French company Zhor Tech, who has come up with a design that can be "laced up" (note: there are no laces) right from a smartphone. What's more, Zhor Tech's smart shoes are able to track your steps and the amount of pressure you're putting on your feet, all thanks to an embedded sensor which displays information on an app.

Since the Digital Soles are only a prototype at this point, there are no firm pricing or availability details yet, but Zhor Tech says they'll range from $350 to $450. For now, we do know the startup's also working on women's pumps and low-top shoes for men, with both packing connected sensors as well.

Mona Lalwani contributed to this report.