D-Link adds battery-powered and LTE cameras to its home security line

They're useful for sites without easy access to power or Wi-Fi, respectively.

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David Lumb
January 8, 2018 8:00 AM

D-Link introduced two new home monitoring cameras today at CES, both of which tackle some of the logistical shortcomings of domestic security. One is a wire-free system boasting battery power that lasts up to 11 months, while the other can operate and record over LTE. Additionally, D-Link has refreshed three of its simpler, affordable models. All have sound and motion triggers, can record footage to the cloud and integrate with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT.

The Wire-Free Full HD Indoor/Outdoor Camera operates around a hub and as many cameras as desired, all of which operate on battery life. Kits start at $250 for one camera and $350 for two; additional cameras cost $220 apiece. The $300 LTE model does exactly what it says, which is useful if Wi-Fi is spotty or unavailable. Both cameras record in 1080p and will be available in the second quarter of this year.

D-Link also refreshed three of its simpler home security cameras. The lower-tier $60 HD Wi-Fi Camera handles basic home monitoring in 720p with a 120-degree field of view from a static position, while the $90 mid-grade Full HD version bumps that up to 1080p and 140 degrees. The top camera of the set, which costs $120, includes pan and tilt functionality to cover 340 degrees in total. All three will be available in the second quarter.

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You can set up and control all of D-Link's new cameras from your smartphone or device with the updated mydlink app. Users can be alerted when they detect sound or motion and watch live video straight from the app. All of D-Link's cameras can record locally on microSD or to the cloud using D-Link's subscription options, which will be available in Q1 and range from $1 a month for 2GB of video up to $10 a month for 30GB.

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D-Link adds battery-powered and LTE cameras to its home security line