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Samsung to bring SmartThings control to its Gear smartwatches

This will give users more control over their connected devices.

During its CES press conference today, Samsung announced that this year, it will bring the SmartThings app to its Gear S3 and Gear Sport smartwatches. In its presentation, the company focused on how it will bring all of its connected devices together to create a seamless ecosystem with simple user controls, and adding the SmartThings app to its latest smartwatch models will be a nice step in that direction.

With the SmartThings app right on your Samsung smartwatch, you'll be able to control other connected smart devices such as your lights and thermostats, from your wrist, giving you simple control over your environment. Samsung didn't give any details on when its watches will get the app, but it should happen sometime this year.

Companies have often promised to give consumers a more seamless experience when navigating between different smart devices and so far those promises haven't been fully delivered on. But Samsung and others have doubled down on those promises at CES this year, so maybe we'll actually get to experience these simplified experiences in the not-too-distant future.

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