TCL taps Roku's wireless speaker tech for its Alto soundbar

The company is wasting no time revealing its first speaker with Roku Connect.

After Roku announced its wireless speaker platform last week, it's no surprise we're seeing new devices at CES with the tech built in. TCL already bakes Roku into some of its televisions, and now it's using Roku Connect for a new soundbar. The audio device will be part of TCL's Alto line, a collection of gear that company will offer that includes both "standard and smart solutions."

In terms of the Alto soundbar, the audio device will use Roku Connect to link up with other AV gear and offer Roku's Entertainment Assistant to lend a hand. While the soundbar will work with any TV, TCL says, unsurprisingly, that it pairs best with the company's own Roku TVs to make the most of voice control. Should you splurge for an all-TCL setup, you can expect things like being able to control all of the things without having to reach for the physical remote. And as you might expect, voice search will be available as well, so you can flip through those Roku options by getting chatty.

From the looks of the images, it appears TCL will offer a subwoofer bundled with the Alto soundbar. However, the company's announcement doesn't mention that piece or audio equipment. Ditto for a launch date or pricing info -- two things we'll be sure to ask about when we (hopefully) take a closer look later this week.

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