Hulu now boasts 17 million subscribers

That's a 40 percent increase from the numbers it released in 2016.

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Rachel Murray via Getty Images
Rachel Murray via Getty Images

Hulu announced today that it ended 2017 with over 17 million subscribers, a whopping 40 percent growth compared to the numbers it released in 2016. That's a pretty big jump and not only did the streaming service close out last year on a high note, it started this year off with two Golden Globes for its original The Handmaid's Tale. The show also helped get Hulu 10 Emmys in September and was one of Hulu's top three watched dramas last year.

Hulu added a lot of content to its lineup in 2017 including the entirety of Futurama, a slew of 90s throwbacks and a selection of NBC favorites like 30 Rock and Parenthood. In total, Hulu's library now holds 1,700 TV titles and 75,000 episodes. The company also launched its Live TV service, all of which is likely to have attracted more users.

The company plans to keep its growth going this year. CEO Randy Freer said in a statement, "The year ahead is going to be even bigger, as the company invests more in content – live, library and original – as well as technology and data to make Hulu the leading pay TV choice for consumers."

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