Hulu adds '30 Rock,' 'Parenthood' and other NBC shows

Good god, Lemon.

Last week, Hulu secured the 90s sitcom fave Will and Grace for its users to binge freely, but the streaming service isn't done scooping up older shows. Thanks to a deal with NBCUniversal, subscribers can watch full runs of a handful of additional shows including Parenthood early next year and 30 Rock on October 1st -- which is great timing, as the latter is just about to leave Netflix.

The deal also gets Hulu a few other old and new shows. Paul Reiser's period comedy There's Johnny exploring the life of The Tonight Show host Johnny Carson is one, along with the first 13 seasons of the UK reality show Made in Chelsea and the initial ten seasons of SYFY's competitive makeup show Face Off. Both of the latter will hit Hulu early next year.