Dish DVRs will soon work with Google Assistant

Talk to your smart speaker to change the channel.

Never mind using Google Assistant on your TV -- Dish thinks you should talk to your set-top box instead. In the wake of Alexa support, the satellite TV provider is promising Google Assistant control for its Hopper DVR, Joey client and Wally receiver. You can soon search for shows, change the channel (by name or number) and control playback just by talking to your phone or a smart speaker like a Google Home. There's no mention of recording, but that limitation is present with Amazon's AI helper as well.

Just don't plan on using it any time soon. Dish is only promising support "in the coming months," which suggests you'll only be using Assistant in the middle of the year. Still, this makes Dish's TV service one of the friendliest for voice control. You won't have to be picky about your choice of services if you'd rather not reach for the remote or launch an app.