Spend some time with Samsung's $2,700 Flip whiteboard

This might make meetings more fun.

Samsung has made smart screens of all types and sizes, but there's always a new market to invade, and at this year's CES it found a new one. Flip is a smart whiteboard designed for businesses, but it would be right at home in a state-of-the-art school as well. It's a 55-inch touchscreen with a smooth matte finish (e-ink-style), and it includes a dual-sided stylus with a fine-point pen on one end and a slightly wider highlighting tool on the other.

The Flip can import from and export to USBs, laptops or mobile devices. To connect a smartphone, for instance, simply tap the device against the bottom of the whiteboard and its screen displays directly on the Flip. You can then control the mobile device's screen from the Flip itself, and the same is true for a laptop or desktop connection.

The Flip does indeed flip, turning horizontally or vertically as users see fit. The main whiteboard supports a scrolling lineup of 20 blank screens for note-taking, image importing and doodling.

The Flip costs $2,700, which isn't terrible compared with products like Google's Jamboard, which runs $5,000. The Flip is set to start shipping this month.

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