Ford teases 'Mach 1' electric performance SUV for 2020

Built by 'Team Edison' in the new Corktown facility.

At its NAIAS 2018 preview event, Ford just dropped a few details about an electric vehicle it plans to release in 2020. The "Mach 1" (cribbing its name from the famous Mustang model) is an all-electric performance SUV under development by Team Edison in Ford's recently-opened Corktown facility. It won't be the company's only EV either, as chairman Bill Ford revealed the company plans to have 40 electric vehicles by 2022 while investing $11 billion in them.

Ford's Corktown facility

That group's stated mission is to "accelerate both the development and adoption of electric vehicles," but this is the first project we're getting any information about. Last year, the company vaguely referenced an electric SUV with 300 miles of range, as well as plans for a hybrid Mustang and F-150. The demo reel at this event showed off the hybrid F-150 that could power one's house in case of an outage, which is also due to arrive in 2020. Appropriately, the Mach 1 reveal comes at an event where Ford also showed off a performance gas SUV in the Edge ST and a "Bullitt" special edition of the Mustang. Whatever Mach 1 is, it appears the Tesla Model X will have some competition... eventually.

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