Make-up brand taps AR to help you find the perfect brow shape

Because it's hard to get your brows on fleek.

Benefit Cosmetics is throwing people all over the world a high-tech lifeline before they drown in desperation over failing to find the right brows for their face shape. The make-up company has teamed up with digital makeover veteran Modiface to create Brow Try-On, an augmented reality tool that can show what you'll look like with different eyebrows before you attack your real ones with a blade and a tweezer.

Brow Try-on works by detecting the hair on your brows and cloning each one to create different shapes. Add the tool's ability not too stray too far from your real arches, and you'll get the most natural-looking suggestions. Nothing too high, too pointy or too unnatural that you can't replicate it unless you shave all your brows off and draw them back on an inch higher.

The tool is far from being the first cosmetics or beauty-related AR tool/app you can use to see what your face will look like with make-up or with a slightly altered feature. Even cosmetics retail giant Sephora jumped into the AR app game with the release of Virtual Artist last year. But the fact that this focuses on brows in an era where "power brows" and "brows on fleek" are a thing makes it extra useful for those who still don't know the most flattering shape for their face.

In fact, the tool's target users are people still new to shaping their brows, but there's no rule saying you can't use it even if you're already a pro. If you want to try it out, simply go to Benefit's official website, choose live to see its magic in real time, upload your photo or choose a model's image if you see someone there with a face shape like yours.