Microsoft may be working on a new Xbox Elite controller

It might have Bluetooth, USB-C and even more fine-tuning.

Microsoft's Xbox Elite controller is pricey, but arguably the go-to choice for Xbox One owners who want a gamepad that fits their exact needs. And apparently, there's enough demand to merit a sequel. Multiple leaks appear to have uncovered a new Elite controller that builds on lessons learned from the first model. If the tips are accurate, it would include Bluetooth (to painlessly connect to your PC), a USB-C wired connection, an Apple MagSafe-style charging connector on the back and a built-in battery instead of disposables. And naturally, there are more tweaks for players who want their controls just so.

To begin with, the new details suggests that an earlier leak showing the whole controller (from Reddit's EDDS86, below) is accurate: it'd have new grips that make sure your hands are steady in frantic sessions. The new scoops also suggest there will be a three-profile switch, three-level hair trigger locks and adjustable stick tension. Microsoft had applied for a patent on this exact stick design in December, so there's at least some degree of truth to the claims. A Verge source corroborates the story.

There's no mention of when the controller might show up, assuming it isn't scrapped. We wouldn't count on it appearing for a while even if the rumors are rock-solid, though. Microsoft tends to save its big gaming announcements for E3 (this year, mid-June), and it could be some time after that before you can get one in your hands. Still, it's good to know that Microsoft's effort to court its most dedicated gamers wasn't just a one-off fling.

Xbox Elite wireless controller V2 leak