Fitbit's Xbox coaching app helps you work out between games

Get in some pushups after a round of PUBG.

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If you're a gamer, you know it can be difficult to tear yourself away from the screen to get in some exercise. Fitbit, however, doesn't think you have to. It's trotting out an Xbox One version of its Coach app (released on mobile and PCs in the fall) that lets you squeak in guided fitness routines after your game sessions. You'll get a range of audio and video workouts, personalized training programs and custom streaming music to keep you going. And logically, there are tie-ins if you have a Fitbit device. The app will show your heart rate on the screen, and recommend workouts based on your current activity levels.

The Xbox coaching app should be available today. It's free if you're content with one personalized program and a "selection" of additional workouts. You'll need to drop $40 per year on a Coach Premium subscription if you want to access more programs and otherwise unlock the app's full potential. That's not a trivial amount just to get some personalized exercise, but it might be justifiable on those days when you don't want to trudge to the gym after a long round of PUBG.

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