CamSoda can sync your sex doll to an online performer

Via Lovense's teledildonic hardware.

NSFW Warning: This story may contain links to and descriptions or images of explicit sexual acts.

If your goal is to have sex with someone through the internet, via the medium of a simulacrum of that person in the room, today is your lucky day. CamSoda, Lovense and RealDoll have teamed up to create VIRP, a system offering Virtual Intercourse with Real People. Put simply, it's much like the teledildonic setups currently used by cam performers, albeit with a big latex doll instead of a little cylinder.

Each member of the collaboration will offer up something different, with RealDoll providing the full body, or torso, according to your specification. Lovense, meanwhile, will integrate its male masturbator technology -- available to buy as the Lovense Max -- into the doll's crotch. CamSoda, of course, will act as the broker, connecting users with a mobile VR headset and the gear to a performer with the compatible vibrator.

The biggest issue with constructing ever-more virtual brothels, of course, is the escalating prices, and if you want to take part, it'll cost you. A baseline RealDoll torso is more than a grand, while custom and full-bodied models can set you back as much as $10,000. Which is why RealDoll's CEO believes that, in our grand sex robot future, you'll likely rent, rather than own, the love machines that he creates.