Reddit adds two-factor authentication for everyone

Because not every Reddit account is a throwaway.

Reddit has officially launched two-factor authentication after beta testers and moderators took the feature for a spin. Sure, this is Reddit we're talking about -- you've probably never used your real name or credit card (unless you bought Reddit gold with your card) and never mentioned your bank and SS info on the site. But if you've posted anything controversial or simply just want to protect yourself from potential doxxers and stalkers, you can switch on the feature by going to the password/email tab under Preferences on Reddit's desktop version.

After activating it, you'll have to type in a 6-digit verification code generated by Google Authenticator or other authenticator apps when you log in. Since Reddit's two-factor doesn't rely on SMS and doesn't ask for your phone number, you'll have to attach an email address to your account. You'll also have to verify it, so you'll have a way to reset or recover your account if you lose your phone. If the feature sees widespread adoption, then Redditors might be more conscious of their security than the average internet user -- less than 10 percent of all Gmail accounts, for instance, have enabled two-factor authentication.