Comcast adds Super Bowl-specific voice cues to Xfinity X1 service

They’re football-themed. Go figure.

Comcast has been expanding entertainment options Xfinity X1 platform, from fantasy football to Jackbox games on its cable boxes. But in anticipation of Americans' most entertaining weekend, the company has added new voice commands to help fans catch up on news before -- and during -- the Super Bowl.

Speaking the words "The Big Game" or "Super Bowl" into the X1 voice remote will bring up a page with postseason news and analysis, comparisons between the Eagles and Patriots teams and highlights from the AFC and NFC championship games. You can even request Super Bowl replays or ask for specific facts (in commands like "Tom Brady vs. Nick Foles") to bring up comparative info sheets. And if they really want to, fans can use the app mid-game to replay any commercials immediately after they air.