This shameless iPhone X clone costs just $160

Even if it's not a megahit for Apple, clones gonna clone.

What? A company has made a phone that borrows heavily from Apple's design? (And LG, Samsung while we're here.) At least the notch is real this time. Oukitel's U18 is up for preorder, priced at $160, making it the cheapest iPhone X that... isn't an iPhone X at all. But, you could get six of them for the price of a real one.

The hardware design is all over the place: look at that Samsung chin, or the LG-inspired button on the back. Meaning, for some reason, Oukitel's brought together all the things that I hate. However, it is backed it up with a 4,000mAh battery, at least. (It's the same company that debuted that insane 10,000mAH smartphone a way back.)

There's also curved glass wrapped across the wide 21:9 dimension 5.8-inch screen, but the rest of the spec sheet is a mixture of average and fancy. There's a MediaTek 1.5GHz octocore processor, 16-megapixel dual-camera setup and, despite the curves and notch, it's only got a 1512 x 720 resolution screen, but again -- it's $160. Well, for the first 999 buyers, this week. It'll then go up a... notch to $180 for everyone else.