HP's new 4K display lineup has USB-C connectivity

The brand is also launching a new business-friendly Thunderbolt dock.

HP made its focus on its business audience clear with its latest range of laptops, and now the brand has rolled out a new lineup of 4K displays, and a multiple display dock, to further reinforce its commitment to professional users. The collection includes the new EliteDisplay S270n, plus three Z-series displays in sizes from 27 to 43 inches.

The standalone S270n is a 27-inch IPS display that can operate with a single USB-C cable, supporting an eye-watering 10000000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, 14ms response time and 4K native resolution at 60Hz. The new HP Z27, Z32 and Z43 (the numbers correspond to the display size, in case you missed that) can also be used with a single USB-C cable, offering 4K resolution at 60Hz, 5000000:1 contrast ratio and 10-bit color displaying over a billion colors. The Z27 and Z32 come ready-calibrated from the factory – good news for designers and engineers.

An interesting addition to the range, however, is the Thunderbolt Dock G2. This can support up to two 4K displays and can be rigged with an optional audio conferencing module. Like HPs new laptop range, the focus is clearly on optimum presentation and conferencing quality here, and the dock facilitates this without wires and connections cluttering up the place. It's not available until May, with pricing to be confirmed, but the displays are available now, starting at $549 for the S270n, $559 for the Z27, $899 for the Z32 and $799 for the Z43.